Introducing Electronics Division

Deepening our unique elemental technologies and delivering high quality devices at the industry’s cutting edge

Our Electronics Division carries out unique technology development based on the demands of processes used in the LCD, semiconductor manufacturing device, and IoT-related fields. It supplies market-leading machines and devices and original products aimed at establishing industry standards.
Our LCD-related products include slit coaters which use Toray’s unique coating technologies, high-precision bonding devices for LCD use, the 2D code marking devices (titlers) essential for production management, and process inspection equipment.
For the semiconductor industry we supply high-precision, high-throughput bonding devices, resin encapsulation systems, wafer visual inspection equipment, 3D non-contact surface profiling equipment, washers based on roll-to-roll technology, etching devices, aligners, laser processors, and other film microprocessing devices.
We also manufacture unique meters and control devices for use in LCD and semiconductor plants, such as oxygen analyzers, water quality meters, viscometers, and static in-tube mixers.We also offer system integration for optimally collecting, managing, and utilizing information related to the core business processes of any industry, based on our IoT-related technologies.
These products leverage the core technologies we specialize in, such as high-speed, high-precision positioning technologies and coating technologies, optical and high-speed image processing technologies, inspection and measurement technologies, ultrasound and other precision bonding technologies, and proxy exposure, development, and washing technologies.
We also have a strong support system that allows us to provide dependable after-sales service to customers.

Divisions and business descriptions

1st Business Division

FPD production equipment

Coating Machine, Titler

Inspection, measuring, and analysis equipment

FPD inspection equipment

Film production and processing equipment

Aligner, Thermal imprinting system, Laser patterning equipment

2nd Business Division

Semiconductor production equipment

Flip chip bonder, Vacuum printing encapsulation system

Inspection, measuring, and analysis equipment

Semiconductor inspection equipment, oxygen analyzers, water quality meters, fluid processing devices, ultrasonic sensors, textile measuring devices

3rd Business Division

Production Control System

Injection Molding CAE Systems