Monozukuri Business

Provide solutions to wide-range of fields by applying Mechatronics and Fine Technology.

The Monozukuri Business is centered on the Mechatronics and Fine Technology Business Div., which consists of the 1st Div. that handles FPD manufacturing equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and the 2nd Div. that handles advanced materials manufacturing equipment such as for films, display materials, and secondary batteries. It also consists of Toray Engineering D Solutions Co.,Ltd. that provides total services for the various measurement and analysis equipment, the production control system and the injection molding CAE systems,TASMIT Inc. that is responsible for the semiconductor inspection and measurement equipment, and Raytech Inc. that manufactures fine photo fabrication related products. Thus collectively as a Group, we provide market-leading, state-of-the-art solutions that contribute to Monozukuri.

Divisions and business

Business Divison Ⅰ

The Business Division I offers Coating Equipment (such as the Toray slit-nozzle coaters and ink-jet coaters) , laser processing equipment (such as ID marking and laser patterning equipment.), and other proprietary equipment that leads the market of FPD Industry. In addition, the Business Division I carries out development, designing, production, and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, such as flip chip bonder, that applies technologies to realize high-end semiconductor packaging for MPU and memories etc. , providing essential solutions needed for the production of electronic devices.

FPD production equipment

・Coater, Titler

Film production and processing equipment

・Aligner, Thermal imprinting system, Laser patterning equipment

Semiconductor production equipment

・Flip chip bondor, Vacuum printing encapsulation system, Laser micro triming eqipment, Capillary coater

Business Divison Ⅱ

With the Roll to Roll technology as the core, the Business Division II offers film production equipment, secondary processing equipment (such as coater and slitter), and dry deposition equipment that allows nano-level filming.Based on the thorough track record and the extensive experience, the Business Division II provides the most optimized production technology to the state-of-art materials such as high-performance films, lithium batteries, and flexible devices. High-quality solutions are delivered to customers to satisfy their diversified needs towards improved product quality, accommodations of multi-product, and realization of labor-saving.

Film manufacturing equipment



Roll to Roll dry deposition equipment

Toray Engineering D Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Integration of diverse component technologies (such as oxygen analyzer, water quality analyzer, sensing technology such as ultrasonic transducer, production control system based on AI/IoT technology, and CAE based on highly accurate simulation) and advanced maintenance technology for the equipment and the software, along with the full usage of technologies related to the "Device", "Digital" and "Design", Toray Engineering D Solutions Co.,Ltd. provides solutions that offer advanced customer satisfaction.

Measuring and analysis equipment

・Oxygen analyzers, Water quality meters, fluid processing devices, ultrasonic transducer, textile measuring devices

Factory management & production management systems

・TONOPS production management systems, production sheduler system

Injection Molding CAE Systems



The optical semiconductor wafer inspection equipment features its high-speed inspection, and thus used for various purposes such as for visual 100% wafer inspection during the semiconductor device manufacturing. The electronic beam semiconductor wafer pattern inspection equipment contributes to the yield improvement in the cutting-edge semiconductor device manufacturing, by capturing images from the wide FOV electron microscope and with its Die-to-Database algorithm feature. With both technologies, TASMIT will provide new solutions to semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor inspection equipment

・The optical semiconductor wafer inspection equipment, The electronic beam semiconductor wafer pattern inspection equipment


Raytech Inc. engages in the production of special fine patterned FPC for medical and electronic devices, and the new product prototyping/development consignment of technologies related to fine photo fabrication, providing unique services. 

Film prove

Fine pattern flexible print substrate

Polyimide etching

Prototype contract processing