Mechatronics & Fine Technology Business

Provide solutions to wide-range of fields by applying Mechatronics and Fine Technology.

Our Mechatronics & Fine Technology Business is centered around four fields, namely flat panel display (FPD) and semiconductor production equipment, converting equipment, measuring equipment, and software solution services. The Mechatronics & Fine Technology Business Division is comprised of Business Div. I, which handles FPD and semiconductor production equipment, and Business Div. II, which handles advanced materials production equipment, such as for films, display materials and secondary batteries. These divisions are joined by three subsidiaries: Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd., which provides measuring and analysis equipment, construction and production management systems, and injection molding CAE simulation systems; TASMIT, Inc., which is responsible for the Toray Engineering Group’s semiconductor inspection and measuring equipment; and TRENG F Products, Inc., which possesses unique micro-processing technologies. Together these divisions and companies oer cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the manufacturing industry.