Engineering Business Division

We use diverse engineering technologies to create high added value monozukuri

The Engineering Business Division consists of three divisions—the Plant Business Division, which provides total services related to plant and facility construction; the Industrial Machinery Business Division, which designs and manufactures industrial devices, equipment, and FA systems; and the Computer Aided Engineering Business Division, which provides support software for injection molding and mold design as well as advanced computer aided engineering analysis technologies.
The Engineering Business Division combines engineering and device fabrication with software business, excelling at fusing their strengths at a high level. The division uses the advanced technical, product, and software technologies it has cultivated, and the synergy between them, to meet customers’ diverse needs and provide high value added monozukuri.
It covers a wide range of plants and manufacturing equipment, including manufacturing plants for chemical engineering products, pharmaceuticals, cutting-edge materials, and fiber products, manufacturing equipment and automation lines for cutting-edge field electronic components, electronic materials, fuel cells, organic EL devices, lithium ion batteries, and solar cells, and custom-made automated devices and film manufacturing equipment.Furthermore, it combines advanced analysis technologies which leverage information and software technologies with consulting expertise to provide solutions for high added value monozukuri.

Main Products and Services of Each Business Division

Plant Business Division

Plant Engineering

Medical / pharmaceutical and life science plants, Chemical plants, Environment and energy related material plants, Carbon fiber plants, Support for overseas plant expansion

Industrial Machinery Business Division

Film Manufacturing Equipment

Stretched film manufacturing equipment, Coaters, Laminators, Slitters, Roll-to-roll dry deposition equipment (CVD/sputter)

Factory Automation Systems

Integrated Secondary Battery Production Equipment & Systems

Powder supply / Mixing / Coating / Pressing / Slitting / Sheet cutting / Stacking / Tab welding / Electrode filling / Heat sealing / Charge and Discharge testing, Testing systems and Various inspections, Automatic production systems, Traceability, Prototyping and Evaluation of secondary battery