Engineering Business

Creating high value-added manufacturing through a wide range of engineering technologies

The engineering business of Toray Engineering Group consists of two business divisions and three subsidiaries. Plant Business Div. provides total services related to the complete design, procurement and construction of various factory buildings, air conditioning, production equipment, and utilities. Factory Automation Engineering Business Div. provides factory automation (design and production of automatic production systems utilizing robots, etc.). In addition, Toray Engineering West Co., Ltd., Toray Engineering Central Co., Ltd., and Toray Engineering East Co., Ltd. have offices all over the country, and our group has cooperated to design, construct, diagnose and maintain customer production facilities.

Main Products and Services of Each Business Division

Plant Business Division

The Plant Business Division uses the Toray Group's expertise in manufacturing advanced materials such as fibers, resins, and films, as well as know-how cultivated in the construction of plants for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals by customers other than the Toray Group. We are studying every day as a top professional engineering group focusing on the "fine chemical field" and "customer's overseas expansion support".

Plant Engineering

・Construction of Pharmaceutical Plant and Fine Chemical Plant
・Construction of Polymerization Plant, Environment-friendly Plan and New Energy Related Plant
・Membrane Processing Equipment
・Support for Setting Up Overseas Business

Factory Automation Engineering Business Division

The Factory Automation Engineering Business Division provides production equipment that meets the needs of customers at production sites in various fields for quality improvement, efficiency, labor saving, and productivity improvement. Focusing on EV / HEV motor-related equipment, which is expected to expand in the future, labor-saving automatic systems, and special automatic equipment, create new solutions by utilizing elemental technologies and know-how built in various fields.

Factory Automation / Production rationalization equipment

・EV / HEV motor automatic assembly line
・Fuel Cell and solid battery manufacturing facilities
・Smart factory/Labor-saving transport and packing system
・Riveter and Component assembly Sytem for Aircraft
・Special automatic equipment

Toray Engineering West Co., Ltd.

Toray Engineering West Co., Ltd. is with EMM (Engineering, Manufacturing and Maintenance) as its flag, operating in the West Japan area (Kinki, Hokuriku and west), with these three business fields as the main pillars. E : “Engineering” business is a business mainly related to plant construction, and provides a series of services from basic planning and design of equipment to procurement, construction , trial operation and adjustment. M : “Manufacturing” business is mainly engaged in the production and precision processing of large parts of industrial machinery and the production of control panels. M: Maintenance business is a business that has accumulated know-how through the practice of manufacturing equipment maintenance at each of Toray's Shiga, Ehime, and Ishikawa plants, and ensures stable operation of these plant production facilities, including foresight and prevention.

Plant Engineering

Part Production

Design and Production of Control Panel


Toray Engineering Central Co.,Ltd.

Toray Engineering Central Co., Ltd. is active in the Chubu area (Aichi, Tokai, Okazaki, Mie, Gifu) with a focus on the plant business, industrial machinery business, and maintenance business. The "Plant Business" mainly provides a series of services in the fields of fine chemicals and life sciences, including design, equipment procurement, construction work, commissioning and adjustment for plant construction. The Industrial Machinery Business designs and manufactures production lines and equipment in various fields, including the automotive industry and chemicals, electronics, and energy. We provide total services from equipment planning to development, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The “Maintenance Business” is the maintenance of manufacturing equipment for each plant in the Chubu area of Toray. The General maintenance center, which was constructed in FY2019 by is also available for general use.

Plant Engineering

Industrial Machinary

Equipment Diagnosis

Toray Engineering East Co., Ltd.

Toray Engineering East Co., Ltd. is based in Shizuoka with a focus on plant and maintenance businesses and is active in areas north of Kanto, such as Chiba and Ibaraki. The "Plant Business" provides a series of services for plant construction design, equipment procurement, construction work, commissioning and adjustment mainly in the fields of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical life sciences. The Company has collaborated between Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. and affiliated companies, and the number of orders received for large plant construction projects is increasing. The “Maintenance Business” is a maintenance and equipment remodeling business for Toray Group's factories in the East Japan region. Will also be applied.

Plant Business

Facilities business

Maintenance business