Introducing Research & Development Division

The Research & Development Division, creating tomorrow’s monozukuri

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Environment & Energy_Smart Coater

Electronics and Communications_MEMS Internal Tester

Materials_RtoR film deposition system

Toray Engineering’s Research & Development Division engages in deeper collaborations with business divisions, helping increase the competitive advantage of existing products while defining four fields—“life innovation,” “environment & energy,” “electronics and communications,” and “material manufacturing”—as core fields. It is defining new product sales targets and accelerating development in each of these core fields.

Life Innovation

By coordinating our plant expertise with the Toray Group’s own technologies, the division is using the microneedle production technologies, microcapsule production technologies, and other technologies it has developed while at the same time commercializing the new life innovation fields of pharmaceutical production equipment, medical devices, and inspection equipment.

Environment & Energy

Using our flagship coaters and slitters, the division is developing devices for working with new materials and technologies, focusing on the field of production devices for secondary batteries such as lithium ion batteries and lithium ion capacitors.Backed by its long device supply track record, the division carries out development work to meet the worksite needs of our customers (long-term coating quality stabilization, cost reductions through material loss elimination, etc.).

Electronics & Communications

In the display field, the division is deepening development of roll-to-roll high-precision ink-jet coating and slit nozzle coating technologies based on our core coating technologies, and taking on the challenge of developing advanced technologies such as fine wiring precision stacking technologies.In the semiconductor field, the division is developing inspection equipment which employs our infrared and ultraviolet inspection technologies, focusing on meeting the inspection needs of increasingly miniaturized semiconductor pre-processing.

Material Manufacturing

The division is developing production equipment for new materials such as high-performance film production equipment which combines carbon fiber related equipment with technologies such as our unique CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technologies, coating technologies, and handling technologies.