Concepts of medium-term management plan (2017-2020)

Toray Engineering has started its medium-term management plan for the four years from FY2017 to FY2020, which has Engineering and Monozukuri (craftsmanship) as the overall concepts. With delivering optimal E&M Solutions as the focus point of the plan, and business management founded on CSR, Action Program for Survival (APS), Action Program for Growth (APG) and reinforcement of the management foundation as the keywords, we will be working to expand business in growth areas, achieve greater competitiveness, accelerate overseas business activities and implement new business creation strategies.

In particular in our strategies for creating new business, we are aiming to acquire and cultivate new elemental technologies shared by the company's business fields and to create new businesses that are not just extensions of our current operations. We will proceed with action on (i) expansion of the Life Innovation (LI) business, (ii) expansion and creation of businesses in the field of environment and energy, (iii) creation of new businesses related to electronics, and (iv) development of businesses related to composite materials. Through these measures, we have set as our targets for FY2020, total sales of ¥120 billion and operating income of ¥6.25 billion (an operating income rate of 5.2%).

By implementing this medium-term management plan, will continue responding meticulously to the diverse and sophisticated needs of our customers and providing optimal solutions.