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【Products & Services】

 Plant engineering
Pharmaceutical plant / fine chemical plant construction (design / procurement / construction)
Nucleic acid drug synthesizers, membrane separation devices, microchemical plants
Feasibility study, basic plan / basic design planning, overseas expansion support
Plant equipment maintenance / equipment diagnosis
Factory automation
EV / HEV manufacturing equipment, aircraft body manufacturing equipment, fuel cell / solid-state battery manufacturing equipment
Rationalization of production / labor saving, improving traceability / quality control
Display / Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Slit nozzle coaters / inkjet coaters, and other coating devices
Laser patterning equipment / laser micro trimming equipment and other laser fabrication quipment
Flip chip bonders / vacuum printing encapsulation equipment, and other semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Converting equipment
Film manufacturing equipment
Secondary film processing (coating, laminating, slitting) equipment
Lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment (slit die coaters, slitters)
Semiconductor inspection equipment
Optical semiconductor wafer visual inspection systems / Electron beam semiconductor wafer pattern verification systems
Measurement / Sensing equipment
Water quality meters, oxygen analyzers, transducers, viscometers, etc.
Factory management / production control systems: Inquiries about "TONOPS"
Injection Molding CAE systems: Inquiries about "3D TIMON", mixing nozzles
Other producs and services


Press releases, etc.
New transaction offer
Other inquiries