SDGs and
Toray Engineering

Good Health and Well-Being

We will contribute to a healthy society with longevity for the next generation through the construction of pharmaceutical plants, development of drug synthesizers and joint development of drug discovery tools.

Construction of Pharmaceutical Plants

Construction of Pharmaceutical Plants

We are actively engaged in the construction of a wide variety of pharmaceutical plants, including bulk drug and drug formulation plants.
We respond to a variety of issues that are required at pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, such as GMP compliance, quality control and productivity improvement.
We contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry and the realization of a healthy society with longevity through our abundant experience and results, as well as our thorough technical response to the latest equipment standards.

Nucleic Acid Drug Synthesizer “Molecutideser®

Nucleic Acid Drug Synthesizer Molecutideser®

We have developed the high-precision, high-efficiency synthesizer as well as production equipment for nucleic acid drugs, which have gained importance in recent years as therapeutic agents for cancer and rare diseases.
We are promoting the practical application and mass production of nucleic acid drugs to meet diversifying medical needs. We contribute to the development of pharmaceutical and medical technologies that will lead to the next generation based on our “monodukuri” technologies.

Joint Project on Drug Discovery for Ion Channels

Joint Project on Drug Discovery for Ion Channels

We are seeking to establish mass production technologies for artificial cell membrane chips that enable the reproduction of ion channels, proteins that allow the exchange of ions across cell membranes, outside cells.
We will promote early commercialization and the widespread use of the latest drug discovery research methods through joint development with MAQsys Inc., a company that supports the discovery of drugs that act on ion channels.
We contribute to the improved efficiency of drug discovery research as well as the development of medical technologies, health and welfare.

Clean Water and Sanitation

We reduce the discharge of substances that cause pollution by developing and providing highly accurate water quality automatic analyzers for everything from water pollution to ultra-pure water monitoring. We contribute to ensuring the safety of water quality.

Water Quality Analyzers


We have developed the automatic measuring equipment that quickly and accurately measures total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) contained in rivers, lakes and marshes, sea areas, plant wastewater and other sources online.
The use of this equipment for total volume control monitoring based on the Water Pollution Prevention Act reduces the discharge of substances that cause pollution.
We contribute to safe and reliable water quality and global environment preservation through stable long-term measurements.

Affordable and Clean Energy

We have drastically reduced power consumption and CO2 emissions through the development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment with low environmental impact as well as clean energy production equipment. We contribute to environmental improvement and sustainable environmental preservation.

MicroLED Manufacturing Equipment “RAP-LLO™”

マイクロLED製造装置「RAP-LLO™(ラップ エルエルオー)」

We have developed the high-efficiency microLED display manufacturing equipment with low power consumption and AI technology.
The inspection process and bonding technology essential for industrializing microLEDs are combined to achieve high productivity.
We contribute to efficient mass production by promoting the widespread use of microLED displays with low environmental impact.

Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Material Manufacturing Equipment


We manufacture electrode materials for lithium ion batteries (LiB), which are gaining attention as environmentally friendly batteries that do not contain hazardous substances.
We contribute to a reduction in power consumption through the development aimed at electricity saving in the drying process, which accounts for the majority of power consumption during processing.
We are realizing safe and efficient LiB mass production and environmental preservation.