July 21,2022

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

“Visit-and-Teach”: One of Our Staff Members Visited and Lectured at Kyoto Notre Dame University

On July 14, a staff member lectured at Kyoto Notre Dame University (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto). The class was held as a part of career education. We first participated last year, making this the second year in a row. Roughly 100 third-year students attended the class. The subject was job satisfaction and what they should keep in mind when making career choices, with our staff member describing her personal experience and episodes in her business and private life.

She shared the notion that a career is measured not merely by the length of service or number of promotions; rather, it is rewarded and enhanced by an effective process of approaching and undertaking tasks. She also shared the importance of nurturing humanity holistically, not only in one’s business life, but also in one’s personal life. The attendees vigorously asked questions about “what is important in continuing to work for a long time” and “what is important in strengthening one’s motivation toward work”. Many were interested in balancing work with their personal life and gave feedback, saying “the lecture motivated them to think much more about their future career plans.”

We rank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of our essential management tasks. As a good corporate citizen, we continue our active involvement in and contributions to society through the “Visit-and-Teach” program.