July 27,2022

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Visit-and-Teach: Our Staff Member Participated in the Program at Higashihara Junior High School in Suginami, Tokyo

On July 15, one of our staff members participated in a career guidance class at the municipal Higashihara Junior High School in Suginami-ku, Tokyo. As one of lecturers, she lectured the second-grade students in two classes (roughly 80 students).

The class was held as a part of “Mirai Kyousitsu”1 organized by an NPO, Oyaji Nippon2 that strives for the sound and healthy growth of children; we participated in it for the first time.
The staff member described what the students should keep in mind when making their career choices, introducing her own experience and episodes as a businessperson. She shared the importance of trying without fear of failure or abandoning one’s own “dream” as well as the importance of trusting one’s own thoughts without being bothered by others’ opinions.
We rank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of our essential management tasks. As a good corporate citizen, we continue our active involvement in and contributions to local communities through the “Visit-and-Teach” program.
1 “Mirai Kyoushitsu” means “the class for your future”.
2 “Oyaji Nippon” means “big buddy Japan”.