Aug. 25, 2022

TRENG D Launches TONOPS® Logistics,
a Logistics Management System Using AI Technology
~A One-Stop Solution to Improve Efficiency from Shipping to Delivery~

 Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Ryo Nakano, hereinafter ‟TRENG D”) has developed TONOPS® Logistics, a logistics management system that improves efficiency from shipping to delivery, using AI technology, and will begin sales from September.
 In addition to automating operations using AI technology, this product’s strength is its ability to propose efficient shipping procedures, perform checks to prevent mis-shipments, and organize delivery routes, making it a one-stop solution for logistics-related operations.
 TRENG D plans to sell this product in a wide range of industries, from manufacturers and retailers that distribute to a large number of stores and bases to food service companies with central kitchens. Its sales targets are 300 million yen in FY2023 and 500 million yen in FY2025.

 Until now, logistics-related systems were generally managed and optimized separately for each process, such as shipping and delivery, and there was limited deployment of systems that managed multiple processes across the board. Since information exchange between processes requires information input into each system, it is difficult to perform operations efficiently as duplicated input work tends to occur. Additionally, barcodes and RFID are used to check content and prevent mis-shipments, but there are restrictions on the shapes of products that they can be attached to, and the cost and work required to attaching them is increasing. The optimization of delivery routes also relies heavily on individual experience and knowledge, making it difficult to generalize operations and evaluate their optimality under complex conditions with many restrictions.

 In response to these issues, TONOPS® Logistics enables the linkage of information between processes by combining functions to optimize each logistics process into a single system. In terms of individual functions, the AI image processing technology used in the management of shipped items allows the system to quickly check the name and quantity of items of all shapes and sizes based only on appearance. In addition, AI technology is used to automatically create efficient procedures and routes for shipping operations in warehouses and for organizing routes for delivery. In particular, when creating delivery routes, in addition to basic conditions such as time and delivery order, conditions such as available vehicle sizes, arrival time ranges, and driver work hour restrictions can also be added. Optimal delivery routes that take these conditions into account can be organized quickly.

 Until now, TRENG D had developed the TONOPS® Scheduler system for production planning and TONOPS® Production Management system for production process and quality control. These systems contributed to business improvement as automation and management tools for factories in a wide range of industries. The new TONOPS® Logistics can be linked with TONOPS® Scheduler and TONOPS® Production Management, delivering a total solution from production planning to production process and quality control, in addition to the optimization of logistics such as product shipping and delivery.

 Through the development of TONOPS® Logistics, TRENG D will promote logistics optimization and contribute to the resolution of social issues such as addressing driver shortages and reducing CO2 emissions. TRENG D will make full use of the Toray Engineering Group’s technology, engineering techniques, and know-how to provide solutions to all kinds of issues at monodukuri (manufacturing) sites.

 The details of the newly developed TONOPS® Logistics are as follows.

1.Product Name : TONOPS® Logistics
2.Product Characteristics :
  • (1) Enabling one-stop logistics optimization and efficiency.
  • (2) Function to efficiently prevent mis-shipments through AI image recognition
  • (3) Function to suggest delivery routes with high accuracy that take individual user conditions into account through AI route optimization technology
3.Deployment Applications : Companies that manage their own logistics, from manufacturers and retailers to the food service industry
4.Sales Targets : FY2023: 300 million yen
FY2025: 500 million yen