September 9, 2022

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Cooperated With a Nearby Nursery School’s Evacuation Drill

On June 27, at our Seta Plant, we supported a nearby nursery school’s annual emergency evacuation drill.

The Seta Plant, which is located on relatively higher ground, is designated as the evacuation point for the nursery school. Therefore, in response to the nursery school’s request, we cooperate each year with their annual evacuation drill.

The drill assumes that the Seta River, which is located on the west side of our plant, will flood. Nursery school staff then evacuated approximately 50 children to our plant. To ensure the drill’s safety in the vicinity of our plant, we controlled traffic and set a safety zone at the evacuation point.

We rank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of our essential management tasks. As a good corporate citizen, we continue our active involvement in and contributions to local communities.