Desember 5, 2023


Commence Sales of INSPECTRA® SR-IV, Semiconductor Wafer Visual Inspection System with the Industry’s Fastest High-Magnification, High-Accuracy Inspection

TASMIT Inc. (TASMIT, Head office: Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, CEO: Kenji Sato, hereinafter "TASMIT") has developed the INSPECTRA® SR-IV, a semiconductor wafer visual inspection system with the industry's fastest speed for the high-accuracy inspection of semiconductor wafers. Sales will commence in December 2023.
This system is designed to meet the need for higher accuracy in the inspection of semiconductor manufacturing processes due to the increasing sophistication of semiconductor products for electric vehicles and mobile applications, and achieves an inspection speed up to approximately two times faster than conventional products with a high magnification using a 5-20x microscope.
TASMIT will propose the INSPECTRA® SR-IV to customers who are developing semiconductors for automotive applications, etc., where the need for highly accurate and efficient semiconductor wafer inspection in particular is increasing. It aims to achieve orders amounting to 2.5 billion yen in FY2024 and 10 billion yen in FY2028.

Currently, the need for higher performance semiconductors is increasing in order to further improve the functionality of electric vehicles and mobile devices. Circuit miniaturization and multilayering is progressing to improve the performance of semiconductors, and along with the sophistication of the manufacturing technology of semiconductors themselves, there is a need to perform defect inspection in a takt time that does not reduce the manufacturing efficiency of industrial products.
However, increasing the magnification during inspection generally narrows the field of view of the microscope, which has the disadvantage of increasing inspection time and reducing efficiency. Furthermore, the narrowing of the field of view worsened optical conditions, making it difficult to obtain clear images and conduct detailed inspections. To address this issue, we developed a new optical head that can acquire images at twice the imaging rate compared to conventional equipment, and have succeeded in shortening the inspection time for high-magnification inspections to about half of the current level. In addition, by developing a capability to automatically set optical conditions that previously had to be adjusted and set manually, we have reduced the time it takes to set optical conditions.
This system will be exhibited in a panel display at the SEMICON Japan exhibition, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 14, 2023.

TASMIT will contribute to the improvement of semiconductor performance and reliability through the deployment of various optical and electron beam-type semiconductor inspection systems. It will also contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society through electrification.
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1. Product name : INSPECTRA® SR-IV
2. Product features :
  • High-grade model with improved inspection performance in addition to the functionality of the previous model (INSPECTRA SR-III)
  • The inspection speed is approximately twice that of INSPECTRA SR-III with high-magnification inspection.
  • Improved equipment reliability and usability
  • Possible to share recipes with INSPECTRA SR-III
3. Usage : Complete pre-shipment inspection of semiconductor wafers
4. Order goals : 2.5 billion yen in FY2024
10 billion yen in FY2028

INSPECTRA<sup>®</sup> SR-Ⅳ

About “SEMICON Japan” Exhibition

1. Exhibition name : SEMICON Japan 2023
2. Venue : Tokyo Big Sight
3. Date : December 13--15 10:00--17:00
4. Booth no : East Hall 5, 5308 and East Hall 1, 1408