High Barrier Deposition Equipment for Thin Film PV Cells

Achieving high barrier property and flexibility at low cost by using unique deposition process

Sealing film equipment

Mass production facility

Able to produce sealing film suitable for high barrier film by using the CVD method.


  • Water vapor transmission rate: 1 × 104 – 1 × 105 (g/m2-day)
  • Layering with inorganic layers: 10–30 layers
  • High transparency: Optical transmittance 90% or higher (in the visible light range)


High barrier film; super-high barrier film; highly functional film; lengthening lifespan of flexible devices by direct encapsulation

Performance of mass production facility (example)

  • Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR): 1 × 104 g/m2-day
    * Can achieve 106 by increasing number of layers
  • Layering with inorganic layers: Total 6 layers
  • Production volume: 500,000 m2/year
  • Film production cost: 400 yen/m2

Equipment specifications (example)

  Mass production facility Test equipment
Film type PET, PEN, PC, etc. PET, PEN, PC, etc.
Roll size Film substrate value: 1.4 m
Roll diameter: Φ500 mm
Film substrate value: 300 mm
Roll diameter: Φ200 mm
Composition Rolling chamber: 2
Film production chamber: 1
Plasma electrode: 4
Integrated chamber: 1
Plasma electrode: 1


  • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-1491

    Shiga office: +81-77-533-7388

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