Stacking Machines

High-speed, high-accuracy stacking machine leading to enhanced productivity

Stacking Machines

Sheet cutting machine


  • High-speed, high-accuracy positioning mechanism
  • Various stacking methods to handle different types of batteries (zig-zag, rotating, packaging, single wafer)
  • Handles various sizes of electrodes
  • Various inspection functions (mass, insulation resistance, misalignment, thickness)
  • Conjugated with other processes before and after to achieve high efficiency


  • Sheet cutting machine
  • Die cutter
  • Position correction mechanism using image processing
  • Measurement of insulation resistance, thickness, and mass
  • Automatic exchange of substrates

1. Zig-zag stacking machine

Zig-zag stacking machine

2. Winding stacking machine

Winding stacking machine

3. Packaging stacking machine

Packaging stacking machine