Roll to Roll Sputter

Roll-to-roll sputter which can achieve low-temperature, low-damage deposition at high throughput rate using our unique deposition process

Drawing out electrodes

During maintenance

Sputter for mass production

Through an alliance with Choshu Industry Co. Ltd., we are able to achieve high quality film using the Mirrortron sputtering system.

Touch panels, transparent conductive films, barriers, hard coats, anti-reflection, highly functional films

Comparison of deposition methods (example: transparent conductive film ITO)

Method Mirrortron sputtering Generic sputtering
Resistivity Below 3.0×104 Ω/cm Below 3.8×104 Ω/cm
Sheet resistance (with annealing) 100Ω/□ at thickness of 30 nm 100Ω/□ at thickness of 40 nm
Target utilization efficiency Approximately 70% Approximately 20%
Production volume Approximately 1.7 million m2/year (two electrodes)  

Equipment specifications (example)

  Mass production facility
Film type Film: PET, PEN, PC, etc.
Film type ITO, IZO, SiOx, SiNx, AlxOx, Al, Cu, Ag, Mo, etc.
Size of substrate roll Roll width: 1.4 m
Roll diameter: Φ500 mm
Transfer speed Up to 10m/min
Composition Rolling chamber: 2 (separately for winding and unwinding)
Deposition chamber: 1
Cathode unit: 2 to 4
Gas extraction (optional), surface refining (optional)


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