Chemical Etching Technology for Polyimide Film and the Solution

Etching Performance (Fig.-1)

Example of mixed processes (Flying-lead, Blind via-holes, Through-holes)



Through-hole for liquid crystal polymer


Using our patented, safe chemical agents, this is a revolutionary new method of polyimide film etching for new forms of semiconductor packages such as CSP and T-BGA.


  • Polyimide film can be processed for blind-via or through-hole formation by chemical etching.
  • TPE3000, which is used as a key chemical of the unique technology, is non-hydrazine type solution of alkaline nature.
  • The solution can process various kinds of polyimide films and 2-layer films available in the market (Kapton, Apical, Upilex, Espanex, etc.).
  • Both DFR (Dry Film Resist) and copper mask can be used as its etching mask.
  • The chemical etching technology with TPE3000 assures overall cost reduction and higher productivity than with conventional mechanical processing technologies.

Through-hole for liquid crystal polymer

At present, liquid crystal polymers are commercially available from a number of companies.
Some polyimide substrates may be replaced with liquid crystal polymers, but we have developed etching solutions for liquid crystal polymers as a new series of the polyimide etching solution "TPE3000."
The photo shows an example of processing with a liquid crystal polymer thickness of 125µm and a bottom diameter of 400μm.

TPE3000 specifications

Object Material Polyimide, 2-layer materials (cast, sputtered)
Object Material Cu mask: 55-65 deg.
DFR: 40-45 deg.
Etching Rate (Fig.-1)
Operating Temperature 60-90°C
Appearance Transparent and colorless liquid
Specific Density 1.273(25°C)
PH About PH13 (when diluted 100 times)
Regulation Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law, Deleterious Substance (IMDG8, IATA8)
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