Toray Slit-Nozzle Coater For Smart Glass

Realize Smart Window Mass Production with Our Original Coating Technology on Large Panels


• Coating and Handling Technology on Large Panels
- Have ability to coat and handle max 3,000mm(G10.5) panel and therefore applicable to large-sized construction glasses
- Boasts World's #1 market share in large-sized slit coater
• High-Precision Coating Technology
- Our proprietary high-precision coating contributes to:
  Aesthetics of Smart Window
  Quality improvement (product durability and stability)
- Boast #1 performances in LCD industry where requirements against mura and thickness accuracy are strict
• Contribution to the Product Cost Down by Our Total Process Proposal
- Our wet process realizes yield-improvement and cost down compared with conventional dry process
- Accomplish material efficiency with our original technology
- Provide integrated process: cleaning~coating~drying~cure


-Light-control Glass -Smart Glass
-Functional Glass   -Glass for Construction
-Electrochromic Glass

<Study Result of Coated Sample>

※ Coating by Tray Engineering's Slit Coater
※G2.5 (370mm×470mm size)

※The substrate glass coated with tungsten oxide developed by Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.

※The substrate glass coated with Prussian blue developed by Nanomaterial Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

<Study of Electrochromic Smart Window Device>

In transparent state
※provided by:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
In colored state
※provided by:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

<List of articles and papers referencing Toray Engineering's coating equipment for Smart Window>

  • "Mass-producible slit coating for large-area electrochromic devices"
    Publication Date: Sep 6, 2021
    The paper on slit coating technology adopted on the mass production of light-control glass published in the Dutch academic journal ( Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells)
  • "Development of Large-Area Light Control Device Using a Coating Process for Mass Production"
    Publication Date: Jan 28, 2020
  • "Hayashi Telempu, collaboration with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology for the development of 'Light Control Device' for the mobility; the price target at one-third of the conventional device and aiming for commercialization in 2021."
    Publication Date: Jan 28, 2020

<Specifications for Slit-Nozzle Coater>

Glass Size 300mm×400mm~2,940mm×3,370mm
Coating Material electrochromics, electrode material (anode/cathode), Polyimide, etc.
Coating Accuracy Within ±3%
Coating Method Non-spinning Slit Nozzle Coating
Panel Transmission Robot, Conveyor
Other Peripheral Equipment Vacuum Dryer, Hot Plate, Cold Plate


Technological Field
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