Toray Slit-Nozzle Coater For Smart Glass

Realize Smart Window Mass Production with Our Original Coating Technology on Large Panels


• Coating and Handling Technology on Large Panels
- Have ability to coat and handle max 3,000mm(G10.5) panel and therefore applicable to large-sized construction glasses
- Boasts World's #1 market share in large-sized slit coater
• High-Precision Coating Technology
- Our proprietary high-precision coating contributes to:
  Aesthetics of Smart Window
  Quality improvement (product durability and stability)
- Boast #1 performances in LCD industry where requirements against mura and thickness accuracy are strict
• Contribution to the Product Cost Down by Our Total Process Proposal
- Our wet process realizes yield-improvement and cost down compared with conventional dry process
- Accomplish material efficiency with our original technology
- Provide integrated process: cleaning~coating~drying~cure


-Light-control Glass -Smart Glass
-Functional Glass   -Glass for Construction


  • Gantry type
  • Moving stage type

<Specifications for Slit-Nozzle Coater>

Glass Size 300mm×400mm~2,940mm×3,370mm
Coating Material electrochromics, electrode material (anode/cathode), Polyimide, etc.
Coating Accuracy Within ±3%
Coating Method Non-spinning Slit Nozzle Coating
Panel Transmission Robot, Conveyor
Other Peripheral Equipment Cleaner, Vacuum Dryer, Hot Plate, Cold Plate, UV Cure


Technological Field
Technology >> Application & Coating > Sheet by Sheet Coating Machines
Industry Sector
Industry sector >> Smart Glass > Coating Equipment for Smart Glass/Window material