Factory management & production management systems

TONOPS series


Our advantages

We provide solutions developed from our wealth of achievements in a wide range of industry sectors such as medical products, foodstuffs, LCD, semiconductors, and automobile components.
Starting with the manufacturing industry, we can meet the needs of many different industries, such as logistics, printing, and amusement.
We are able to build easy-to-use systems in short time, tailored to the operations of our customers, and our solutions can be applied to a wide range of platforms (Windows, Linux) and databases (SQL, Oracle).
We can easily integrate and control a wide range of equipment and machines, such as DCS, PLC, automated warehouses, automatic guided vehicles, automatic weighing machines, and inspection probes.

Our features

Toray Engineering provides proposal-based engineering. We form project teams based on the scale of the project, and communicate regularly with our customers to decide on the most appropriate specifications meeting our customers’ needs.
One of our advantages is being able to provide highly functional factory management systems at low costs. We use technological elements to select and customize packages optimized to our customers’ needs, and during development, we fill in the gaps that are common when integrating packages.
We also communicate with our customers to discover issues during system implementation and operation. These are fed back into the system design level as improvements to be made.

Our strengths

  1. We have experience in constructing plants both for Toray Engineering’s needs as well as other industry sectors, and developing control and management systems for their production facilities and manufacturing equipment.
  2. We have experience in implementing manufacturing equipment for the electronics industry (LCD and semiconductors), as well as developing control and management systems for this industry.
  3. We provide integrated support by specialized technical staff spanning project planning and proposal, to design and post-implementation aftercare services.
  4. Through remote maintenance and monitoring, we are able to respond swiftly should any problems occur.
  5. We have experience with updating production management systems and automated warehouse systems developed by other companies.

Technological fields we are strong in

  1. Production management and process control
  2. Developing of LAN (Web systems)
  3. Material handing control (automated warehouses, automatic guided vehicles, conveyor transfer)
  4. Machine selection: bar codes, 2D codes, ID, POP terminals, wireless devices, generic PC systems
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    Shiga office: +81-77-544-1638

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