3D injection molding CAE system

Skin-layer fiber orientation

Heat distribution within mold

Filling time

Distribution of birefringence

This resin flow analysis software is the first in the world to achieve three-dimensional warp analysis.It is used by more than 300 companies in Japan, and we have a variety of optional modules to meet our customers’ needs.3D TIMON can swiftly solve problems commonly faced by engineers.

Basic module

The basic module comprises the filling analysis module 3D TIMON-FLOW, which forecasts filling behaviors of a resin within a mold, as well as the Pre/Post module used for creating models and verifying results.

3D TIMON standard module

The standard module carries out calculations for analyses following filling analysis. It comprises modules for packing and cooling analysis, fiber orientation analysis, warpage analysis, and mold cooling analysis.

Extended module

There are many modules to meet needs found in the molding process. INSERT is for insert molding, MultiMold is for two-color molding, and OPTICS is used to analysis birefringence of plastic lenses. SuperThin is for superthin products using LCP, AWARP is for warp analysis of crystalline non-reinforced resins, while PRESS is for injection press molding analysis. TetMESH is a tetra mesher for 3D TIMON, and there is also AMDESS, a parametric optimization software. StructVE allows the study of annealing after molding and heat cycle testing, while nStruct allows the identification of non-linear material properties.

For details, please check our 3D TIMON Web site by clicking on the link below.

3D TIMON software suite

Type Product name Description
Basic module 3D TIMON-FLOW Pre/Post and filling analysis
Standard module 3D TIMON-PACK Packing and cooling analysis
3D TIMON-FIBER Fiber orientation analysis
3D TIMON-WARP Warpage analysis
3D TIMON-MCOOL Mold cooling analysis
Extended module 3D TIMON-INSERT Insert molding analysis
3D TIMON-OPTICS Analysis of molded optical elements
3D TIMON-AWARP Crystalline non-reinforced resin analysis
3D TIMON-SuperThin Analysis of superthin molded products using LCP
3D TIMON-MultiMold Two-color molding analysis
3D TIMON-PRESS Injection press molding analysis
3D TIMON-StructVE Viscoelasticity structural analysis
AMDESS for 3D TIMON(set) Optimization function
AMDESS for 3D TIMON(I/F) Interface for optimization
3D TIMON-TetMESH Tetra mesher for 3D TIMON
NASTRANTRANSLATOR Input file generator for use with NASTRAN
ABAQUSTRANSLAOR Input file generator for use with ABAQUS
ANSYSTRANSLATOR Input file generator for use with ANSYS
ADVENTUREClusterTRANSLATOR Input file generator for use with ADVENTURECluster
3D TIMON-nStruct Function for identifying non-linear material properties
TIMON for CATIA Interface for working with CATIA V5
3D TIMON-HEAT&COOL Function for coupled analysis of mold heating and cooling
3D TIMON-Pre/Post Additional license for Pre/Post


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