Lightweight injection molding CAE tool for designers

Filling pattern

Configuration screen for analysis

Multi-cavity filling pattern

Comparison of warpage results

Heat distribution within mold

Change monozukuri earlier and in more practical ways.

Leave those tedious configurations to the concierge.

"Concierge" is French for a guide.
TMD’s concierge is a dependable guide that shows the configuration steps for analysis that the user wants to carry out, and displays analysis results in an easy-to-understand way.

Easy to use like a calculator

There is no need to create a mesh.
In addition, the model creation system uses a very easy-to-use dialog method.
There is no need for technical knowledge.
Besides the standard gate types such as pin and side, analysis models for gate systems such as horn, submarine, and pin-side composite gates can also be automatically created by entering standard dimensions.
It is also possible to easily created models for complicated runner systems such as arc runner systems.

For details, please check our 3D TIMON Web site by clicking on the link below.

TMD (Timon Mold Designer) software

Type Product name Description
Network license version TMD-FLOW(N) Filling analysis; filling pattern; simple warpage
Network license version TMD-COOL(N) Mold cooling analysis; inner temperature of thick material
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