Wafer Internal Inspection System "INSPECTRA® IR" Series

Detects defects inside wafers using infrared light

Wafer internal defect inspection system "INSPECTRA® IR" series


An infrared internal defect inspection system has been added to the INSPECTRA® series.It is now possible to inspection with both infrared and visual light in one system.


  • Uses a high-sensitivity camera and newly developed optical system, supporting both infrared and visible light, to rapidly detect internal defects in wafers
  • Uses tried and proved quality product learning algorithm to detect minute defects with a high degree of sensitivity
  • Inspection can be performed using both infrared and visible light(Switchable). Meets a wide range of inspection needs

Application examples

  • Defect inspection in Si capped structure MEMS wafers
  • Internal defect inspection in Image Senser
  • Void inspection in bonded wafers
  • Defect inspection in high aspect ratio trenches
  • Backside crack inspection in High-density wafer

Specifications (IR)


Pixel resolution 1um-
Inspection Time 14 minutes (8 inch wafer,10x faster)
Support Wafer Size 12 & 8 inch and 8-2 inches


Technological Field
Technology >> Image processing > Exterior Inspection
Technology >> Image processing > Overlay Metrology
Technology >> Image processing > Internal Inspection
Industry Sector
Industry sector >> Semiconductors > Semiconductor inspection equipment