Overlay measurement system "OM-7000"

Measures wafer bonding misalignment and top-to-bottom alignment with a high degree of precision



Measures wafer bonding misalignment and top-to-bottom alignment to a high degree of precision!


  • Support for completely automatic measurement
  • Supports both transmitted and reflected measurement
  • High-precision measurement using a unique measurement algorithm
  • High-precision focus using PZT stage
  • Automatic defect image storage
  • Can also measure top-to-bottom overlay patterns
  • Can be installed in a wafer bonding equipment

Specifications (OM-7000)

Application examples: Stacked image sensors, stacked memory (Flash, D-RAM), next-generation IGBT, etc.

Specifications (OM-7000)

Measuring Method Edge detection by IR
Sample φ300mm
Stacked Wafers
Lighting Reflected IR
/Transmitted IR

Specifications (OM-7000)

Objective lenses 5x: Global alignment
20x: Measurement
Repeatability 3σ≦10nm

Specifications (OM-7000)

Measurement Time 5sec/point
Clean class Class 1
Full Automation GEM300 compliant


Technological Field
Technology >> Image processing > Overlay Metrology
Industry Sector
Industry sector >> Semiconductors > Semiconductor inspection equipment