Total Phosphorous/Nitrogen (TP/TN) Automatic AnalyzerNEW



Toray’s total phosphorous/nitrogen automatic analyzers rapidly and accurately perform automatic analysis of total phosphorus and nitrogen content in rivers, lakes and marshes, sea areas and plant discharge online.
They use a measurement method (autoclave method) conformant with official methods, producing the same values as hand analysis, enabling them to perform highly reliable measurements.
These innovative devices, designed for convenience and economy, are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and highly reliable.


  • Official method conformant measurement method
    These meters use an official method-conformant measurement method (autoclave method), producing results which correlate closely to manual analysis results.Compared to the ultraviolet degradation method, they produce highly reliable measurement values.
  • Greatly reduced test reagent usage (1/2 of past Toray models)
    These devices use half the test reagent volume as past Toray models, and are made with components that offer long-term reliability, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Negative suction method for exceptional SS performance
    Negative suction design prevents dirtying of sampling tube.Resists clogging and ensures long-term, stable measurement.
  • Space-saving
    No maintenance space is needed for the rear or left side of the device.Takes little space, making it possible to use space effectively.
  • Other
    Load calculation function, built-in printer, USB memory stick function.Can be installed together with UV and TOC meters (including load calculation for three constituent measurement)

TPN-100 measurement process

TPN-100 specifications

Measurement method TP: Molybdenum blue absorptiometric method
TN: Ultraviolet absorptiometric method
Measurement range TP: 1 range, from 0–0.10 mgP/L to 0–1.0 mgP/L
TN: 1 range, from 0–2.0 mgN/L to 0–5.0 mgN/L
* Provided that 2≦TN / TP≦50
Dilution factor Fixed, between 2–25x (internal dilution)
Measurement mode Online/offline
Measurement time 60 minutes (repeated measurement, measurement on the hour, measurement every specified number of hours (1–24 hours)
Display Digital Display
Recording method Printer (per-measurement printing, printing of report for previous day, printing of report for previous month)
Span calibration Manual calibration, automatic calibration
Zero calibration Manual calibration, automatic calibration
Load calculation function Available as an additional option
Dimensions 700W×600D×1500Hmm
Weight 150kg
Paint color Munsell 5Y 7/1 medium gloss
Repeatability ±3% FS 21–25x dilution: ±4% FS
Linearity ±3% FS 21–25x dilution: ±4% FS
Zero stability ±3% FS/day 21–25x dilution: ±4% FS
Span stability ±3% FS/day 21–25x dilution: ±4% FS
Measurement value output External output: DC 4 to 20 mA Outputs: TP and TN measurement values
Abnormality signal output: Device error
TP concentration upper/lower threshold error
TN concentration upper/lower threshold error
Sample conditions Freshwater sample
Sample amount Online: 0.4–0.6 L/min (at analysis intake port)
Offline: 50 mL/measurement
Pressure Online: 0.02–0.05 MPa
Offline: Normal pressure (automatic suction)
Temperature 3–40°C (no condensation)
pH 5.8–8.6
Set up conditions Indoor ambient temperature: 5–40°C, ambient humidity 85% RH or below
Test reagent Potassium peroxodisulfate
Sodium hydroxide
Ammonium molybdate
Concentrated sulfuric acid
Antimony tartrate
Ascorbic acid
Purified water for adjusting test reagent
Power AC100V±10V、50/60Hz、Power consumption:600VA

Specifications are subject to change in order to make product improvements.
Total phosphorous: Also written as "TP"
Total nitrogen: Also written as "TN"


  • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-8461

    Shiga office: +81-77-544-6224

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