Automatic Total Organic Carbon/Total Nitrogen Analyzers (TOC/TN)



Toray’s TOC/TN automatic analyzers rapidly and accurately perform automatic measurement of total organic carbon content and total nitrogen content in rivers, lakes and marshes, sea areas and plant discharge, both online and offline.
This device, based on our online total organic carbon automatic analyzers and total nitrogen content automatic analyzers, has built-in dilution functions and stream switching functions. It unites our TOC and TN analyzers in a single, compact body.


  • Simultaneous measurement of total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TN)
  • Low-temperature sealed combustion and automatic washing function enable stable long-term measurement of seawater samples
  • Built-in dilution function (optional) 2–20x
  • Up to a maximum of three streams can be measured using the stream switching function (optional)
  • Can handle all types of sample water using various pre-treatment units available as options
  • An offline measurement function is standard


  • River, lake and marsh, sea area, and plant discharge water quality measurement
  • Drainage treatment equipment operation management, experimentation, and evaluation
  • Automatic measurement device for total water quality emissions regulation compliance

Principle of Measurement

The sample water aeration pump removes inorganic carbon, the sample is measured in the injection section, and then a fixed amount of the sample is injected into the combustion chamber while still sealed, and the organic carbon and nitrogen of the measurement sample are completely oxidized.The generated gas is sent to the CO2 analyzer and the infrared NO analyzer, electrical signals corresponding to the concentration of carbon dioxide and nitrogen monoxide are generated and then converted into linear signals to determine the total organic carbon and nitrogen concentration values.

TNC-6200 specifications

Measurement range TOC:0–20/50,0–100/1000mgC/l
Dilution function 1–20x
Stream switching function 1–3 streams*1
Measurement cycle From 8 minutes
Measurement method Inorganic carbon elimination: Automatic intermittent hydrochloric acid aeration method
Total carbon measurement: Automatic intermittent sealed combustion infrared analysis
Total nitrogen measurement: Automatic intermittent sealed combustion infrared analysis
Calibration method Span calibration: Manual
Zero calibration: Manual (With auto zero function)
Conversion function TOC value converted into COD value and displayed
Washing Automatic washing of injection tube and combustion section; Alternate injection of sample and washing liquid (Washing liquid contained in the unit)
Range setting Manual switching, auto range
Type Standalone console, with casters
Dimensions 720W×500D×1570Hmm
Weight Approx. 130kg
Standard liquid TOC:Potassium hydrogen phthalate aqueous solution
TN :Aqueous ammonium sulfate solution
Repeatability TOC: Within ±2% of full scale
TN: Within ±3% of full scale
Zero stability TOC:Within ±2% of full scale/day
TN :Within ±3% of full scale/day
Span stability TOC:Within ±2% of full scale/day
TN :Within ±3% of full scale/day
Ambient temperature change TOC:Within ±2% of full scale/5°C
TN :Within ±3% of full scale/5°C
Measurement value output External output: DC 4–20 mA
RS232C (option)
Range ID signal non-voltage contact: AC 125 V, 1 A
Error alarm indication LED display, Closed contact output in case of error (AC 125 V, 1 A)
Alarms Heater temperature control
Carrier gas out of upper/lower limits (option)
No sample (option)
Out of test reagent (option)
Out of dilution water (option)
Out of washing water (option)
Sample conditions Online measurement: 0.02–0.1 MPa, 0.1MPa 500 ml/min or higher
Offline measurement: Normal pressure, 200–500 mL/3 measurements
Reagents/Utilities Test reagent: Hydrochloric acid 2 mol/month
Carrier gas: Refined air 0.3 MPa, 7 Nm3/month
Balance gas: Instrumentation compressed air 0.3 MPa, 49 Nm3/month
Power AC100V±10V 50/60Hz Approx. 650VA
Set up conditions Indoors
3–40°C during operation (Temperature gradient 10°C /hour or less)
45–85%RH (No condensation)

Specifications are subject to change due to product improvements.
*1 Stream switching function available as an option.Please specify which streams are needed before specifications are finalized.


  • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-8461

    Shiga office: +81-77-544-6224

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