Desktop TOC Analyzer (for laboratory use)





The TOC-150 desktop TOC automatic analyzer swiftly and precisely performs automatic measurement of the amount of total organic carbon in water.
Our original technique, the cryogenic temperature sealed combustion system, is used in this analyzer and it is suitable for measurement of seawater.
It can measure from 0.1 to 20,000mg/L because automatic dilution function is built in the analyzer.
This is the definitive TOC analyzer for laboratory based on achievements for nearly 40 years pursues economic efficiency.


  • Easy operation by touch panel. (Display in Japanese/English.)
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.
  • Secure design for measurement of environmental water.
  • Stable measurement of seawater for the long term is possible by means of cryogenic temperature sealed combustion system.
  • No need for highly-purified air (When installing CO2 removal filter)


  • Water quality management for industrial effluents.
  • Management of effluent treatment facilities, experiment, estimation.
  • Research and observation for organic pollution substances in natural environmental water such as rivers, lakes, dams, sea area, etc.
  • Research and development in the research and test institutes.

Principle of Measurement

A small amount of hydrochloric acid is added to sample to be less than pH3 and inorganic carbon is eliminated by bubbling, then it is poured into reaction tube with catalyst and converts to carbonic dioxide by means of sealed combustion oxidation. Carbon dioxide is measured density by infrared light analyzer; value of total organic carbon is calculated in terms of registered carbon dioxide in the data processing part and compare inspection lines of total organic carbon.

TOC-150 specifications

Measuring Object Pollution substances in water (TOC)
Measured quantities TC、TOC(NPOC)
Principle of Measurement Inorganic carbon removal: Automatic intermittent type hydrochloric acid air aeration method
Total carbon measurement: Automatic intermittent type sealed combustion infrared analysis
Measurement range 0–5/10/50/100/500/1000mg/L
Automatic Dilution 2–20x
Measurement Time Approx. 4.5 min. (excluding pretreatment and cleaning)
Reproducibility (Repeatability) Within CV 1.5 %
Sensitivity Calibration Potassium hydrogen phthalate standard fluid (JIS K 8809)
Language Japanese/English
COD Conversion function TOC converted to COD. (COD = a + bx)
Printer Separate (Option) Thermal line dot method
Type Self-supporting cubicle panel (with rubber legs)
Dimension 420W×500D×500H(mm)
Weight 36kg (Body)
Amount of sample Approx. 10 mL / 3 times
Test reagent Hydrochloric acid: 2 moL-HCL 1 L/month (10 samples/day)
Carrier gas Nitrogen or air (not non-organic carbon or non carbon dioxide gas)
Power AC100V±10V 50/60Hz Approx. 500VA(Power consumption350W)
Installation location Indoor
Ambient Temp 5–35℃
Ambient Humidity 45–85%RH (Non condensing)

TOC-150 options

For customers who want to measure several samples easily!

Sample Changer (TSC-8)

Sample Changer(TSC-8)

Number of Sample 8 samples
Container for Sample Approx. 250 mL
Wetted Material Glass, Teflon, PPS, FPM
Set up conditions Same as TOC-150
Dimension 420W×330D×420H(mm)
Weight Approx. 15kg

Specifications are subject to change due to product improvements.
Total phosphorous: Also written as "TP"
Total nitrogen: Also written as "TN"
*It is able to set with the sampling container itself.

Auto Sampler (AS-1010)

Auto Sampler (AS-1010)

Number of Sample 56 samples
Container for Sample Approx. 20mL
Wetted Material SUS316, Glass, Teflon
Power AC100±10V、Approx. 150VA
Set up conditions Same as TOC-150
Dimension 355W×400D×390H(mm)
Weight Approx. 16kg

* Condition: PC controlled (separate printer cannot be selected at same time)

PC Control

Measurement operation and sheet preparation function by PC.
The result can be printed out by Excel after inputting sample name and measurement condition when starting measurement.


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    Shiga office: +81-77-544-6224

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