Solar cell material-related facilities

We are involved in manufacturing equipment for a variety of materials used in solar cells.

Amid current efforts worldwide for the global environment, expectations for solar power generation are getting higher and higher, and it can be counted among one of the few areas of growth.

At Toray Engineering, we have made proposals and deliveries of all kinds of equipment to the solar battery sector based on various elemental technologies, including the micro fabrication technologies that we have accumulated thus far in the semiconductor and LCD sectors.

In the area of plant engineering, we meet the needs of a variety of customers in a wide range of technological fields, including the construction of plants that conform with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, based on unit operations accumulated in other areas.

Overview of equipment manufacturing solar cell materials

Based on our achievements in the construction of various plants, Toray Engineering provides total support, from equipment for manufacturing various materials, to processes for manufacturing cells and modules, as well as after-sales service.

Toray’s elemental technologies for the manufacture of various PV materials

Toray’s elemental technologies for PV materials

  • Chemical process design technologies
  • Total control technologies
  • Powder handling technologies
  • Distillation technologies
  • Compliance with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act
  • ...

Toray’s other elemental technologies

  • Equipment diagnosis technologies, preventive and maintenance technologies
  • Construction, subsidiary construction, services and air-conditioning technologies
  • Environmental assessment
  • Energy-saving and CO2 reduction technologies
  • Production control systems
  • ...


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