Feasibility Studies and Design Support

We provide design support services from the basic planning stage of a new plant construction.

Process conditions

Block flow

Process flow diagram

Equipment list

Engineering flow diagram

At Toray Engineering, we provide design support services during the basic planning stage.

We offer an engineering service whereby we identify the various needs to be considered when planning actual production facilities, and in coordination with the customer, we give concrete shape to what the customer wants to do (their know-how), in the form of optimum facility specifications.
Once we have listened to what the customer requires, we present them with the engineering flow of general basic planning, up to incorporating these requirements into specific facility specifications.

Track record: FS/design support

Ideas when considering FS

Examples of materials presented to customers

1) Example of process conditions

This example starts with getting information from the customer on their process know-how. This could be done by asking the customer for such materials, or asking them in an interview.

Example of process conditions

2) Example of block flow (material balance)

From this point, we confirm the material balance in order to design the optimum balance of facilities.

Block flow

3) Example of process flow diagram

Next, using a document called a process flow diagram, we confirm the order in which raw materials are to be added, as well as the amount, speed, heating period and other such factors. In this document, preparations are put in place to incorporate the process know-how into equipment and facilities.

Process flow diagram

4) Example of equipment list

Based on this, basic planning is undertaken using documents dubbed the three-piece engineering set. First, using the equipment list shown here, we confirm the basic capacity, materials and so on for each piece of equipment. This equipment list is given concrete shape in the form of delivery-level spec sheets for each piece of equipment, which are compiled at the post-engineering stage.

Equipment list

5) Example of engineering flow diagram

Next, using a document called an engineering flow diagram (or a P&I diagram), we check the links between processes as well as any required measurement points and instruments.

Engineering flow diagram

6) Example of arrangement plan

At the same time, we confirm the arrangement of equipment using a document called the arrangement plan, and we check the utility and so forth of the equipment. Based on these documents, we conduct a detailed design called a piping diagram.

Arrangement plan


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