Quality Assurance in Plant Construction

We are committed to quality assurance so that our customers can feel reassured and satisfied.

We acquired ISO 9001 certification, the international standard on quality, ahead of the rest of the industry in the year 2000, as a means of monitoring the incorporation of quality into the design and construction processes, monitoring and ensuring the safety of the products we provide, and preventing any defects from occurring by detecting any problems at an early stage, taking corrective actions and applying them across similar processes. The aim of this has been so that our customers can use our products and plants safely and satisfactorily. In addition, we have continued to make improvements to our quality management systems (QMS).
We see our business as more than simply about quality. It is about our customers always feeling satisfied. Besides business knowledge and experience related to quality management, we are committed to improving plant quality, nipping in the bud any problems found in individual projects.


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