Shortening Construction Periods

We can shorten the time taken on local construction work by using the unit assembly method of construction and by prefabricating piping work.


Local construction work is an essential element of plant construction projects.
Shortening that period of time has a direct benefit for customers. Not only does it reduce the cost of local construction work, which accounts for a significant proportion of total construction costs, but it also plays a part in the safety of the project, it helps avoid the risk of any project delays and it contributes to the early resumption of production for customers in the case of remodeling work.

At Toray Engineering, we contribute to the benefit of our customers both by making proposals for shorter periods of local construction work using optimum methods taking account of deadlines, safety and cost, and by providing construction schedules as planned by managing the progress of that work.

1.More efficient construction

(1) Unit assembly method of construction

We facilitate construction by assembling equipment modules at the manufacturer’s plant before bringing them onto the construction site, thereby avoiding complicated construction work onsite.


(2) Increasing the proportion of prefab piping work

We carry out smooth and swift construction work by increasing the proportion of prefabricated piping based on a highly reliable piping design that makes the most of 3D-CAD.

(3) Flexible response to increases in production

We also have a strong track record in flame retardant coverings and measures for stray currents when it comes to extending plants in adjacent to existing facilities which remain operational.

2.Construction progress management

We also use a progress management chart called EVM to carefully manage construction by visualizing overall progress and the progress of each type of construction.

Construction progress management


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