Micro Chemical Plants (Continuous Liposome Manufacturing Equipment)

Standard Type Lipo-TB

Sterilizable Type Lipo-TB

Continuous liposome manufacturing equipment was jointly developed by Toray Engineering, making free use of microreactor technologies based on the innovative liposome manufacturing technology held by BioMedCore, Inc., a venture company originating from Tokai University.


An innovative method of manufacturing liposome adapting the LibMec method (by BioMedCore).
A process that can be used on such products as functional foods, functional cosmetics, quasi-drugs, fine chemicals, medicines and agricultural chemicals.


  • A total solution for the development and manufacture of liposome preparations.
  • Possible to design and develop high-quality liposome preparations.
  • Possible to reduce the cost of manufacturing GLP/GMP-grade liposome.
  • Also possible to manufacture GMP-compliant liposome for cosmetics.
  • Can also be adapted for the mass production of functional foods, etc.

Manufacturing liposome

  • From testing to delivery of production equipment, our tests range from liposome formation testing to embedded testing on the customer’s preferred lipid composition or embedded substance.
  • We offer liposomes with uniform particle size of between 100 and 1000 nmφ and with a PDI value of less than 0.2.
    Once the preferred lipid composition or encapsulated substance has been specified, we conduct embedded testing, and either the customer purchases the equipment after confirming the test results, or we agree to manufacture the embedded liposome.
    Please note, though, that additional considerations may be required depending on the embedded substance and the lipid composition.
  • We also accept contracted development.


Equipment profile 1800W × 800D × 1600H
Power supply AC 100V about 30A (expected)
Operation Each device operated separately
Option: Computer-based monitoring / full automation
* GMP-compliant equipment operated in clean state.
Materials preparation Preparation of material solution / storage of materials
Storage of line equipment and solvent
Feed pump Syringe pump or low-pulsation tandem plunger pump
Liposome formation Dedicated equipment used for liposome formation in this manufacturing process
(configuration, etc. is determined through testing, etc. for each target manufactured item.)
Dialysis Spectrum Laboratories
KrosFlow Research II basic membrane separation unit
* Basically available as an option.
Thermostatic chambers Material dissolution tank: Room temperature + 5–95℃ x 5
Circulating constant-temperature water tank: Room temperature + 5–95℃ x 2
Circulating constant-temperature water tank: -5–50℃ x 1
Control/monitoring Recording of power supply for separate operation of equipment / temperature, etc.
(Possible option: Computer-based monitoring / full automation)
(GMP-compliant products: uses a recorder compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.)
Note: When purchasing equipment, you are required to complete a nondisclosure agreement and license agreement on a case-by-case basis for process disclosure.

Liposome product

Electro microscopic image of product

Embedding rate

Embedding of between about 95–100% can be expected for liposoluble embedded substances.
Embedding of between about 40–60% can be expected for water-soluble embedded substances.
For further details on these products, please contact Toray Engineering.
For the purpose of product improvement, these specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.


  • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-1973

    Shiga office: +81-77-533-7351