Vacuum Printing Encapsulation System



Latest VE series based on production results of more than 100 units delivered.
Unique printing device using vacuum technology.
The ability to apply without voids and low stress contributes to reliable device manufacturing in various fields. In addition, because of the mask printing method, it also realizes cost reduction and time reduction of type change.
Semi-automatic equipment that supports from R & D to mass production. Full auto support also available.


Realize encapsulation and via- hole filling process without voids.
Supports various products by setting various parameters. Equipped with a built-in cleaning unit for cleaning the backside of mask.

  • Vacuum printing to realize void free
  • Achieve high aspect ratio via filling
  • Realization of high alignment accuracy of 10μ (3σ)
  • Correspond to various applications such as wafer mold and substrate mold

Optional functions

  • CCD camera monitor
  • Substrate loading / unloading unit
  • Image processor
  • Silent box for vacuum pump

Specifications for VE600

Packages BGA、CSP、COB、WLP、LED etc.
Printing area 330 mm width × 330 mm length
Vacuum level (Max) 130Pa
Print head Double squeegee
Resin supply method Dispenser
Equipment dimensions Approx. 1,800 mm width × 1,000 mm depth × 1,600 mm hight
Weight Approx. 1,200 kg
Power 3-phase AC200±10%、50Hz/60Hz or 3-phase AC220±10%、50Hz/60Hz、18kV


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    Shiga office: +81-77-544-1892

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