1990 Toray Industries, Inc. introduced technology of a semiconductor visual inspection system INSPECTRA, from a venture company in Silicon Valley in the U.S. to start a project.  
1991 The system was first exhibited at SEMICON Japan. Shipped the first 5000 series, an HDD magnetic head inspection system in the same year.  
1993 Changed the intended use of the system from sampling inspection to 100 % inspection, and entered into the market. Started producing domestically at the same time and shipped 1000 series.  
2000 Toray Industries, Inc. transferred business to Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. to integrate machinery business. Foundation(Head Office:Kawasaki City,Kanagawa Prefecture)
2002 Shipped 1000EX series with 5 times faster speed than 1000SX-Ⅲ series.  
2005 Shipped 1000EX-Ⅱseries. Shipped the first NGR2100 system
2007 Full-scale entry into the front-end process In addition to final visual inspection. Shipped 7000R series specifically designed for the front-end process.  
2009   Established a base in Korea (Currently named as TASMIT Korea, Inc.)
2010 Shipped 7000SR series with 1.5 times faster speed than 7000R series. The company name was changed to “NGR Inc.”
2011 Shipped INSPECTRA PL series with photoluminescence Inspection function. Established a base in Taiwan (Currently named as TASMIT, Inc. Taiwan Branch )
2013 Shipped OM-7000 series for wafer overlay measurement. Shipped the first NGR3510 system
2014   Capital and business partnership with Toray Engineering Co.,Ltd.
2015 Shipped INSPECTRA IR series for wafer internal inspection using infrared light.  
2017   NGR became a consolidated subsidiary of Toray EngeeringCo.,Ltd
2019 Shipped the latest model INSPECTRA SR-Ⅲwith 4 times faster speed than 7000SR.  

2019 NGR Inc. succeeded to semiconductor inspection equipment business (Main product: INSPECTRA)of Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. as a result of the corporate split.
NGR changed the company name to “TASMIT, Inc.”