Corporate Outline

Corporate Name Toray Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Established August 10, 1960
Head Office Yaesu Ryumeikan Building, 3-22, Yaesu 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028, Japan
President and Chief Executive Officer Takashi Iwade
Paid in Capital 1,500 Million Jp.Yen
115.1 Billion Jp Yen (FY 2018)
Number of Employee 892
(Toray Engineering Only, as of April 1, 2018)
2,424 (consolidated)
(as of April 1, 2017)
Mechanical 289  
Electrical & Electronic 205  
Chemical 40  
Architectural, Civil & Other 47  
Total 581  
Shareholder Toray Industries,Inc.
Main financing banks Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, etc.

Board of Director and Company Organization

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Main businesses and products

Engineering Business Division

Plant Engineering

Medical/Pharmaceutical and Life science plants, Chemical plants, Environment and Energy related material plants, Carbon fiber plants, Support for overseas plant expansion

Film Manufacturing Equipment

Stretched film manufacturing equipment, Coaters, Laminators, Slitters, Roll-to- roll dry deposition equipment (CVD/sputter)

Factory Automation Systems

IT systems / Pecision control / Cleaning / Labor saving for factories (Aircraft / Automobile / Electrical and Electronic / Food / Medicine / Fuel cell factories)

Integrated Secondary Battery Production Equipment & Systems:

Powder supply / Mixing / Coating / Pressing / Slitting / Sheet cutting / Stacking / Tab welding / Electrode filling / Heat sealing / Charge and Discharge testing, Testing systems and Various inspections, Automatic production systems, Traceability, Prototyping and Evaluation of secondary battery


Factory management systems, Production management systems

Engineering Business Division

FPD, Semiconductor-related Bonding, Sealing and Processing Equipment

Bonder, Vacuum printing encapsulation system, Roll-to-roll exposure systems, ID making equipment, Laser patterning equipment, Thermal imprinting system

Coater for FPD-related Applications

Toray slit-nozzle coater, Roll-to-roll coating equipment, Ink-jet coating equipment, Various types of coating equipment

FPD and Semiconductor Inspection Equipment

3D non-contact surface profiling equipment, Wafer inspection equipment, Chip inspection system, System for inspecting wafers for internal defects, Overlay measurement system, High-speed microbump measurement system, LED light emission inspection system, Organic pattern inspection system, Particle inspection system for FPD, Bali / Lib defect inspection equipment, Color unevenness detection system

Environmental/Process - Related Measuring/Controlling Equipment and Devices

Oxygen analyzers, Water quality meters, Transducers, Mixing nozzles, System equipment for production control

System solution

Production management system / System equipment / Plastics molding simulation / Scientific technology calculation · various simulation / AI · IoT