Message from the President

Massage from the PresidentTakashi Iwade
President and Chief Executive Officer

The corporate philosophy of the Toray Group is contributing to society through the creation of new values.
The Toray Engineering Group executes this corporate philosophy with the aim of becoming a company that is highly valued by all of its stakeholders including customers, shareholders and employees.

To do this, we will contribute to solving social issues through our business and implement the idea of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which combines social values with corporate values.

The Toray Engineering Group promises to leverage its Technology, Engineering and Know-how in order to provide the most advanced and even higher quality solutions to its customers.

One feature of our group is the fact that we engage in both the engineering and Monozukuri business.
We hope to convey the fact that we are contributing to all of our stakeholders by offering products and services with these features.

Takashi Iwade
President and Chief Executive Officer, Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.
Takashi Iwade