Semiconductor Production Equipment

Semiconductor Production Equipment

As the semiconductor industry rapidly moves towards miniaturization and high-precision, we offer unique and leading edge solutions represented by our flip chip bonders.


Flip Chip Bonders

These are flip chip bonders used for the application of semiconductor packages.
We can meet a wide range of needs, from R&D to mass production.
Our lineup has a variety of bonders for TSV 3D mounting, FOWLP, optical devices, and other purposes.

Vacuum Printing Encapsulation System

We have unique printing systems that use vacuum technology.
These systems can be used in the manufacture of highly reliable devices in a variety of fields, as they are capable of void-less and low-stress coating.

Dedicated Wafer Titlers

These titlers are designed for the ID marking of wafers.They can offer clear markings within compact spaces.

Laser Micro Trimming Equipment

By laser irradiation, this equipment performs failure Mini LED removal, semiconductor memory repair, and resistance fuse trimming.