Semiconductor Wafer
Inspection System

We have a full line-up of inspection systems for the semiconductor production process. All of these systems have earned an outstanding reputation on the production line for their high reliability, ease of operation and minimal running cost.

Wafer Inspection System "INSPECTRA®" Series

INSPECTRA® series meet the requests of 100% automatic inspection with high speed and high specifications from front-end to back-end of semiconductor processing.

Wafer internal defect inspection system "INSPECTRA® IR" Series

An infrared internal defect inspection system has been added to the INSPECTRA® series.It is now possible to inspection with both infrared and visual light in one system.

Review System "RV-3000"

Reduces surface inspection device review time and contributes to greater inspection efficiency.

Luminescence Defect Inspection System "INSPECTRA® PL" Series

Photoluminescence (PL) is used to automatically inspect for crystal defects, cracks, and luminescence defects which cannot be detected with visible light surface inspection.

Overlay measurement system "OM-7000H"

Measures wafer bonding misalignment and top-to-bottom alignment to a high degree of precision.

Discontinued Products (Semiconductor inspection equipment)

We ended support for the following model of Wafer Inspection Equipment “INSPECTRA”