Review System "RV-3000"

Review System "RV-3000"

Independent review functions for greater surface inspection productivity


Reduces surface inspection device review time and contributes to greater inspection efficiency.
This system uses address information for defects detected by surface inspection equipment to acquire images of defects with a high level of magnification, and categorizes defect types.


  • High-speed acquisition of high-resolution images
  • Defect categorization through connection with ADC system
  • Contributes to greater analysis data acquisition efficiency and improved yield
  • Supports post-dicing chip review


RV-3000 Clean class
RV-7000 Clean class1


This device reads in inspection results from surface inspection equipment and fully automatically acquires color images (defect images and reference images) at the specified magnification level.

Objective Lens 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 150x Up to 5 can be selected
Work pieces 8, 12 inch wafer/8, 12 inch dicing ring
Lighting Bright field /Dark field
Capture rate Less than 1.2 sec / defect (including ADC Reference Picture saving time)
Features Imaging conditions can be set as desired based on defect modes. Chip position data is acquired from the inspection equipment, enabling alignment-free high-speed imaging even of dicing chips.