Message from the President

Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd.
President & CEO中野 亮

On April 1, 2020, Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd. was created from its origin, TDS Co., Ltd. We use Device, Digital, and Design-related technologies to help solving the issues of which our customers and society face.

With our diverse elemental technologies, wide-ranging track record, and our background in the Toray Group and Toray Engineering Group, we aim to provide customers with optimal solutions. We will forge long-term relationships with our customers through our device and software system maintenance, and through those relationships, we will create new solutions.

The birth of our company has brought together the sensing technologies used in oxygen analyzers, water quality meters, ultrasound devices, and more, AI- and IoT-based production management and store management systems, and elemental technologies such as CAE based in physical simulations. By becoming an independent solution company, we will expand our business at an even faster rate and further improve the satisfaction felt by our customers.

Furthermore, each and every person in Toray Engineering D Solutions places the highest priority on safety and quality, and our company will act as a member of society, with our activities rooted in CSR and CSV. We will be a company which all of our employees find rewarding, building win-win relationships with our business partners.

Through our solutions, Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd. will create new value and contribute to society.