1984 Feb. TDS Co., Ltd. was established with capital 30 million yen
Apr. Toray Engineering Co. Ltd.'s system device CE section and Osaka system device CE section were transferred to TDS
Oct. Launched printer system service and showroom operation and output consignment operations
1985 Apr. Increased capital to 50 million yen
Opened Sapporo Sales Office
1990 Sep. Opened Nagoya Sales Office
1992 Apr. Opened Fukuoka Sales Office
1994 Aug. Relocated head office to Urayasu Toray Building
1998 Apr. Completed dedicated TDS wing in Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. Seta Plant
2001 Apr. Opened Sendai Office
2004 Oct. Established new semiconductor device business department and began offering fine process device maintenance in Japan
2007 Nov. Migrated semiconductor device business department and fine process device personnel
2008 Aug. Aqua Digitech Ltd.'s water quality meter maintenance operations was transferred to TDS.
2009 Apr. Sapporo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka sales offices were renamed to Support Centers
2010 Apr. Closed Sendai Office and opened Sendai Support Center
Jun. Acquired ISO9001:2008 certification
2011 May Relocated Nagoya Support Center
2013 Apr. Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.'s printer business department and manufacturing department were transferred to TDS and integrated manufacturing, sales, and maintenance
Jul. Relocated head office to Nihombashi Muromachi Building, 3-16 Nihombashi Hongoku-cho 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
2014 Feb. Closed Kansai Sales Office (moved to Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. Seta Plant)
Celebrated 30th anniversary
Jul. Relocated Sapporo Support Center
2018 Jun. Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification
2020 Apr. Took over Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.’s CAE software business, factory management & production management systems business, and measurement and analysis device business
Renamed to Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd.
2020 Jul. Relocated head office and Tokyo Office to Yaesu Ryumeikan Building