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UVT-300 water quality analyzer


The UVT-300 inherit from the strengths of the many UV analyzers we have developed through the years, while also offering exceptional usability and maintainability.


  • Cell washing mechanism with no drive mechanism
  • High-speed response and fully continuous measurement
  • Optical system enables high-accuracy measurement with stability over the long term
  • Direct reading digital display.
  • Easy to install, can be installed virtually anywhere
  • Reduced maintenance and management
  • Wide range of options

Measurement principle

Light, from a light source lamp passes through the sample cell, is split into two directions using a half-mirror. The amounts of transmitted UV and visible light are detected by photocells. Part of the light from the lamp directly enters a photocell on the light source side, and the amounts of radiated UV and visible light are detected. By processing these four detection signals, it is possible to measure turbidity-corrected UV absorbance (UV-VIS) with automatic correction for the effects of changes in the turbidity of the sample water and changes in the emission intensity of the light source lamp.


Measurement range 0–0.5/0–1.0 absorbance (10 mm square cell conversion, 2 range switching)
or 0–1.0 / 0–2.0 absorbance (10 mm square cell conversion, 2 range switching)
(VIS is guaranteed only for absorbance of 0–1.0)
Measured quantities Turbidity-corrected UV absorbance (UV-VIS)
UV absorbance (UV)
Visible light absorbance (VIS)
Measured wavelengths UV 254nm
Visible light 546nm
Measurement cycle 5 - 99 min 59 seconds
Measurement method 2-light path, 2-wavelength UV absorbance measurement method
Calibration method Span calibration Manual
Zero calibration Manual
Conversion function
Washing Automatic washing with stream of washing cleaner
(continuous measurement also performed during washing)
Range setting Manual switching
Type Standalone cubicle panel
Dimensions 300 mm (W) × 515 mm (D) × 352 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 25 kg
Standard liquid Potassium hydrogen phthalate aqueous solution
Repeatability Within ±1% of full scale
Zero stability Within ±2% of full scale/day
Span stability Within ±2% of full scale/day
Ambient temperature change Within ±2% of full scale/5°C
Measurement value output External output DC4~20mA
Non-voltage contact AC 100 V 1 A, DC 24 V 1 A
Error alarm indication LED display, closed contact output in case of error (AC 125 V, 1 A)
Alarms Maintenance
Power interruption
Lamp burnout
Sample conditions 0.03 to 0.2 MPa, 2 to 10 L/min (with no freezing)
Test reagents/utilities
Power AC 100 V±10 V 50/60 Hz, approx. 100 VA
Installation conditions -10 to 40°C during operation (temperature gradient of 10°C/hour or less)
45% to 95%RH (with no condensation)

Specifications are subject to change in order to make product improvements.


  • East Japan : +81-3-5962-9775

    West Japan : +81-77-544-6224